1- When can you book a Pearl Journey tour?

Tours are conducted on a daily basis for groups or individuals, from 9 am to 8 pm. Evening tours are also available upon request but need to be booked ahead of time.

2- How much does it cost?

Prices are AED 500 per person, children under 3 years old free of charge. Group bookings from 10 guests are available as a group rate discount of AED 450 per person

3- How many people can the jalbot take?

The jalbot can take a maximum of 10-15 guests per tour.

4- Can you take the tour alone?

Yes, we also offer one-on-one tours.

5- Where will the jalbot depart and arrive?

The jalbot will depart from the Marina area which is located at the Eastern Mangrove Hotel and Spa Resort by Anantara. You can park your car at the hotel valley or in the parking lot, ask at the Concierge about the Abu Dhabi Pearl Journey and they can guide you to the Marina area.

6- How long does a Pearl Journey tour take?

Each tour takes approximately 60minutes but for full boat it takes around 90 minutes, the tour includes a live educational show on the history of the pearl and its culture in the UAE and the Gulf region, and then the process of opening the oysters takes place.

7- Will the guests receive any refreshments or snacks on the Pearl Journey tour?

Yes, the guests will be offered water, Arabic coffee and Dates.

8- Is the jalbot a real boat?

Yes, the jalbot is a real and authentic traditional dhow that was used for pearl-diving in the Arabian Gulf region during the earlier times. At the same time, it is decorated like an Arabian Majlis style.

9- How will the guests be able to find the pearls?

Each guest is given the chance to search for a pearl after we open the seashell in front of them with the oyster knife (oyster opener tool). Every guest will be searching the seashells until they find the pearl. Each guests will discover his/her own pearl because we make sure that we have enough seashells that are with pearls. So in case a guest doesn't find a pearl in the first seashell that they open then they will receive another seashell till they find their pearl.